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project ordinary day #23

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2014-05-23_0017When you become a grandma, there are situations that catapult you back in time. I found myself being hit by such a  jolt often during my four day stay in Pella. Going to the library was a regular event when our children  were little. We loved to read and they quickly realized they could learn more about any given topic by  a finding it in a book. Truck and dinosaur books were Jonathan's early favorites. We would check out ten books every two weeks, read them over and over until it was time to locate them all, pack them into our book bags and march off to do it all over again.  Joel  always filled his bag with great finds on many topics from dogs to airplanes to baseball. Such fun! I agree with Walt Disney, "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island."

Lucy is already being shown their great value. She is eager to listen and participate in the books she and her mom pick out from the library. It all starts by unloading the bag at the book drop. Having done this many times, she marches over to the aquarium to see the fish, to the cage in search of the birds, to the miniature kitchen to cook some eggs and to the train tracks to push a few cars. I can tell she is comfortable in this place, designed with tiny folks in mind. The visit ends with a pile of new "finds" in the bag filled with jewels to be discovered.

This simple weekly trek to the library opens Lucy to the world where she can learn anything she puts her mind to. Hooray to Joel and Rachel for enabling their daughter to find value in such treasure. Thanks also for the moments of nostalgia I experienced while accompanying this duo to their favorite hang-out.