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project ordinary day #21

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2014-05-23_0013Quilts have a special way of saying I LOVE YOU and YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME. They are also a way for me to anticipate and savor the coming person or event, day by day. We didn't know if this baby would be a boy or girl so I picked gender neutral colors: orange, yellow and gray. Getting a late start after a very busy fall and Christmas season, I chose a simple pattern with piecing and quilting that was less complex. I love the uncluttered look and little stars in white peeking out telling him he's a bright and shining light in my heart. The label was finished after his birth and applied today. Finished. Another quilt to commemorate another LIFE added to the world.This life. This boy. Ah, I am so delighted and truly thankful for another of God's good gifts. I feel so spoiled :)