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project ordinary day #18

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Hannah was born on midnight, May 19, 1988. Due to the time, she has decided that during the birthing process, her head must have shown itself in the late minutes or seconds of May 18th. As a result, she has often expressed the desire to have two birthday parties - one to celebrate the beginning of her birth and one to honor the completion just minutes or seconds into May 19th. Usually we just humor her with a grin and an acknowledgment that perhaps this was the case...but, sorry honey, we will only have one party. This year, though, I was going to be out of town on the nineteenth so we placed the special dinner on her "head" birthday. We invited some friends to join us and a party was produced, full of good food, interesting conversation and entertaining stories focused on our "birthday girl."

Our menu consisted of grilled Teriyaki steak, rice, french green beans with almonds, mandarin orange/lettuce salad,  deviled eggs, cold vegetables with dip and a fresh baguette. This meal has been Hannah's birthday choice  for many years. I'm happy to comply - it is a delicious combination.

Not fond of cake, Hannah has often asked for lemon pie as her birthday sweet. After my pie crust failed, I tried a few new recipes using lemon and found them to be quite delicious. 2014-05-23_0010

If you would like the lemon roll cake recipe, copy and paste this address so you can find step by step directions.

The Lemon Chocolate Tart can be found at Pastry Affair's  website:

I hope Hannah's head feels sufficiently celebrated this year. She went on to other parties, gifts, and meals to commemorate the rest of her body on May 19th. What a way to honor the birth of our dear daughter!