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project ordinary day #8

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We've been out of town for several days because a baby was coming and we were needed to watch big sister while transition was in progress. Brian and I traveled to Pella late Wednesday night and early the next morning, May 8th, Joel and Rachel rose early to go to the hospital. An hour later we greeted Lucy with a hug and a smile and went about our 'duties' as keepers of the sweet one, wondering when we would hear the outcome. 2014-05-12_0001 2014-05-12_0002


It wasn't long before the call came!  They have a son and named him Charles. Oh glory be! We were so excited. Everything went well and he was born before noon, whole and healthy. Thank you, God, for all the good gifts you so freely bestow.


This was NO ordinary day. It was extraordinary in every sense of the word.