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project ordinary day #11

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2014-05-12_0021Cookies! Warm, soft, chewy, gooey, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are a favorite at our house. There is nothing like walking into a kitchen with the fragrant aroma of cookies baking.  That smell goes straight to your heart and makes you feel loved, known and esteemed. Cookies in the oven means someone has been thinking of you. It means they might sit down and pour a cup of coffee or milk and talk for a while. Often I would have these sweet treats ready as the kids got home from school.  It was a way to get them to linger  and chat a bit about their day. Eyes would light up when they walked into our kitchen with a fresh pan just out of the oven. Ah, there is no better way to a kid's heart than by cookies, fresh-baked to please. I heard a great number of very interesting stories over cookies and a glass of ice cold milk that might not have come out if they had entered a cold dark kitchen...with no sweet orbs enticing them to stay.

Kids aren't the only ones who love cookies. I think I married the Cookie Monster. He LOVES them. Stored in the freezer I always know when the supply runs out. He's down in the basement rifling through the frozen goods. There are no complains or requests to get more baked. He just appreciates the fact that I am still whipping up these treasures. He knows when the time is right, the kitchen will once again smell like heaven and a delicious treat will be ready for him to devour. Peanut butter, sugar, molasses, raisin oatmeal, butter, chocolate chip: it doesn't matter. He loves them all.

So on this Mother's Day, I'm no fool. I know the secret as to why my husband and kids like me so much.  It's got to be the cookies :)