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project ordinary day #10

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2014-05-12_0010 On this less-than-ordinary day, little Charles was being prepared to leave the hospital to go home. His mommy dressed him up in a bright orange checked shirt and laid him on the new quilt his radiant grandma made while she awaited his arrival. The little white stars signify the brightness of this little life and the sparkling treasure that he is.

They packed him up in the car seat, for the two and-a-half block walk home. The weather was perfect on this early May day. Conversation drifted from flowers, to sunshine, to a special oak tree, to the fact that so much had changed in just a few short days. Life seemed to go on around them as usual, but for them, life would never be the same.


2014-05-12_0012Ready to begin life as a family of four, they made their way home.