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project ordinary day #7

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Handwork is a hobby of mine. I come back to myself as I put my hands on cloth and turn it into something lovely. My mother started this passion by showing me how to embroider when I was young. Her stitches were very tiny and exact in size and a few of her pieces are framed and on our walls.  I picked up cross-stitching when I was a little older and produced a few nice pieces, also framed and hung around our house. Basket making, knitting, and crocheting were hobbies I tried but didn't enjoy, so I stopped working with them. Without a doubt my favorite kind of handwork has been quilting. I learned this skill by enrolling in a class at a quilt shop located on the walkway in downtown Cedar Rapids. My first one, started when I was pregnant with Joel, took eleven years to complete! I kept at it because every time I took it out I remembered who I was, in the midst of being a mom to young ones. It was to be for Jonathan's room, decorated in greens and browns with little houses along the border. Unfortunately since it took so long,  we had moved out of that house before it was complete.

Quilts make any special occasion even more spectacular! I made quilts for several weddings: Kerstin and Axel's, Joel and Rachel's and Hannah and Greg's. Abigail and Lucy, and other babies along the way, were welcomed with a hand made quilt. Working on each one provided a way for me to think and pray for the child who would receive it.

Because I hand-quilt (instead of machine quilt) I find myself very impressed with antique quilts. Where did those women find the time to stitch those tiny stitches? And so many of them!! Brian's mom purchased this one many years ago and now it sits on our bed. The colors are still vibrant and the quilting superb.

2014-05-07_0001Quilting has been a joy for me. I wonder who will receive the next one? Oh yes, there is a baby ready to be born in just a day or two. Yes, the quilt is wrapped and ready. I can't wait to deliver it and meet this new little one, the latest precious Watters offspring.