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project ordinary day #5

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Almost every ordinary weekday for the last 20 years, rain or shine, subzero temps or heat in the nineties, this is a portion what I get to see. I've decided that walking outside is the perfect start to every day. Out at 6:30 two neighbors and I meet and walk briskly up to Bever Park using the Grande Avenue entrance. A sharp turn left allows us to follow the brick road (not yellow, unfortunately) up the hill as quickly as we can. Once at the top we continue down the bigger hill, all the way to the duck sanctuary at the bottom. At that point we turn around, trek back up to our beginning point then turn around again, back up the brick road and do it all over.  All this is followed by a walk out of the park, down Blake, over to Forest and back home. In the fifty minutes it takes to do this regular routine, we talk, enjoy seasonal changes, view deer and raccoons and listen to a variety of birds with an occasional owl.   Solving the world's problems in that time frame is our pretend goal, but so far the solving thing hasn't  happened. I look forward to many more years with the fresh morning breeze on my face and the wisdom of my walking friends by my side.2014-05-05_0001