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project ordinary day #4

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2014-05-04_0001 On June 19, 1981 contractions started early. They were regular and intense so I knew that this was going to be the day. I greeted Brian as he opened his eyes. "Good morning, daddy!"

In our guest room, my friend, Onalee, was still asleep. A note was taped to her closed door. "We have gone to the hospital. Someone we know is having a baby." She woke up, surprised to find we were gone and that this was the day!! Waiting for the news, Onalee remembered that I had baked cookies to give people who came to visit. For some reason they  weren't yet decorated.

It was a tedious job. But out of the goodness of her heart, and to keep herself busy, my dear friend sat and meticulously hand decorated each little baby and brought them to me when she came to meet our first born son, Jonathan Paul.

Now here I am, getting ready for our second grandchild, doing the same thing, thirty-three years later.