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A Day at the Zoo

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2014-04-26_0001 In just a few days or so, Baby Baby Watters will be making him/herself present on the scene. As a final family-of-three outing, Joel, Rachel and Lucy traveled to Blank Park Zoo on the south side of  Des Moines. It was a perfect 66 degree day and many moms, dads, and little ones thrilled at the variety of animals found there. As a tag along photographer I got to enjoy the day and chronicle the events.



Joel makes any outing fun. He is a big kid, having never forgotten the joys and wonder of the world around him. Catching the eye of this treat-searching llama, the stare down was hilarious. Who blinked first? I can't say but I do know this guy followed Joel to the end of his fence never giving up hope for the handful that never got extended.


Lucy loved it all but these goats were right at her level and in her face. She loved the nibble on her fingertips and the little faces sticking out their mouths in search of a treat.


Grandma had to get in one of the shots. Does she seem to be enjoying herself??







Always pointing, explaining, exclaiming, teaching, and loving it along with Lucy, this family knows the wonder of having each other, the joy of learning new things together and the beauty of loving God's tremendous creative work.

The next time they visit the zoo, there will be another little member of the family in a stroller at their side. Little does s/he know what a super family s/he has been given!