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2014-03-05_0013 Father God,  Master of time, unchanged, unhindered by its relentless movement,

open me to the freedom you find from time's constraints.

Sitting within the confines, caged in, I'm kept closed and small,

self-focused and afraid.

How shall I dole out the miserly minutes I have been given?

Those cold gray bars threaten to hold me within their narrowness

but through them I see freedom from time's tyranny.


I want that liberty ... but perhaps the hour has not come for such passing.

Eternity has no time limits.


For now, I have a lifetime of moments to enjoy, new ideas to explore, bright ways to seek You, interesting opportunities to make use of this million dollar prize called life.

I still have days to learn, moments to give away, hours to savor, occasions to honor and loved ones to hold close.

No need to feel afraid, clutching the minutes close to my chest.

I can let them go... freely offer them... give generously ....receive humbly.



My times are in your hands.

You are a stronghold in times of trouble

When the time is right, you will return.