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The Sunrise

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2014-03-06_0002 Every week-day morning I get out of my nice cozy bed, bundle up in warm layers, and head outside.

I meet my friends and together we trek to the park and hike the steepest hills to get our legs strong and our hearts beating.

Deeply breathing in the fresh air awakens our senses to the newness of the day. We hear the forest folks rousing and make note of their  tiny footprints, sleeping places, or holes dug in search of sustenance. The deer lift their heads and watch us walk by. Seeing their curious stance delights us every time.

I love everything about this nearly 20 year old ritual. But my favorite moment of every morning occurs as we tramp up this hill to see the sun burst over the horizon. The sky is always different and the glow of the sun reflects new color each day. It feels glorious to behold the first rays of light and then the burst of the sun itself.

My "view from the cage" is quite limited on this lenten journey. This daily visual delight reminds me that what I see and experience each day is just a tinge of what is to come. This is not all there is. A yearning pulls at me. The glory of Easter morning is around the next corner, up the next hill, just over the next horizon. I feel a longing for more...

But first we journey to the cross. We have to.


Psalm 90:14  Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.