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getting the nest ready

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Yesterday, in my early morning walk, I came upon a nest in a bush just left the sidewalk. I thought about the now-abandoned haven and the role it played in bringing new life into the world.  Before eggs could be laid, the perfect place had to be selected. I envision the parent birds then bringing each tiny twig one by one to the site, slowly stacking and gluing until it was exactly as they planned it to be.

In this season of lent and my walk toward the cross, I feel the need to do the same. I find ways to ready a space so it will allow me to rest quietly each morning in prayer and in the Word. A warm spot with a comfortable chair, a candle, my Bible and journal with a favorite pen are the simple tools waiting for me. Safety and security feel important in this place where I can sit uninterrupted, silent and prepared.

My nest is ready.

Oh, one more thing. This early bird needs a cup of coffee to add a touch of aroma and flavor to the expectation of what is about to take place. My coffee maker has a timer set to finish brewing just as I quietly slip out of bed.

Now both my nest and I are equipped for that which is to come. What new life will be born within as I come daily to meet with my God?