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Life in the cage

Deane Watters1 Comment

2014-03-05_0006 Today is Ash Wednesday, the day that begins a six week journey toward  Easter. Lent is a time to contemplate, a season to be introspective enough to face the fact that we will one day die. From dust we came. To dust we will return. But as Christians we have a unique perspective because of what Jesus did on the cross. He died. But he didn't stay there. He came back to life enabling us to look forward to freedom and life with Christ after our earthly body dies.

Each day in Lent, I hope to post a picture here. This will be my lenten discipline. Perhaps you will find only a photo when you come to visit. Maybe you'll find some thoughts from me, a quote, words to a hymn or a scripture verse. Just know that this is my way to remember. To recall that these days leading up to Easter are days to reflect and to never forget why Jesus died on that cross.

The bird in photo above reminds me that the gospel declares that no matter how dutiful or prayerful I am, I can't save myself. What Jesus did was sufficient. It was enough. As a bird cannot let himself out of a cage, neither can I get myself out of the predicament I find myself in. The cage of sin is relentless and has me on a fast track toward death. But, someone bigger than I came by and opened the door to freedom and life.

The next 6 weeks I will look at life in the cage. I hope you will join me.