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baby turned toddler

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I last saw Lucy about a month and a half ago. Back then she was a baby, crawling everywhere. Now she is a toddler. In that short amount of time she has learned to walk. She plays with her doll house with understanding and she has more words. Duh means, i want to dunk the ball, Dada! bapa means that guy is my grandpa! pizza means pizza! mama means I love this dear mom of mine! Dada means, let's play! and bye bye is very clear.  She hides her face playing peek-a-boo and laughs when tickled. How fun is this to watch this little one grow and change. Every time we get together we meet a new little one as she develops and becomes more mature. I do love being a grandma. Can you tell?

A beautiful little family. Growing, loving, delighting in each other and experiencing life together. What a joy to behold.2014-02-17_0004