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cold wonders

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A  fresh covering of snow met us as we gathered at 6:30 this morning to do our usual power walk around Bever Park.



Everything was covered. All that was old was made new with a frosting of glittery white.


Going outside to enjoy this wonder I had to get covered also. Temperatures well below zero call for some drastic measures of protection. So, while drinking down some deliciously hot coffee,  on piled the long underwear, an extra jacket, the super warm scarf, an added hat plus the hood. My walking friends showed up admitting to extra layers of long underwear, wool socks, face masks and even fun hats with ear muffs seldom needed. We met when it was still dark, the sparkles of snow twinkling in the street light.


Normally there is a wonder to behold in that early morning hour.  This day, though, the senses were heightened. Dark, and dangerous, the cold almost felt pleasant because proper preparations had been made.  Crunchy snow beneath our feet, sounding like walking on a wooden floor, presented a change from the normal, more muted softness. The sky to the west held the moon, still shining brightly above us, although not full. The sky to the east presented  a soft light just starting to peek up into the darkness. In between the moon and the beginning light was a deep, dark, rich navy blue  sky that captivated us with an invitation to stop in our tracks, welcome the wonder and to soak it in.


Having been moved by this beauty, one of us suggested that a prayer be said to thank God for all that we were beholding.

Another talked of a scripture she had read just last night from Revelation that talked about heaven and how the elders bow down to worship God saying, "You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being." The comment was added that in all this wonder,  we know Who to thank. We felt added intensity in the appreciation of that which was filling us in that moment: awe, thankfulness, humility, camaraderie, and joy, simple pure joy.


A minus six degrees isn't so bad when you can behold breath taking truths in new ways.


Love you walking girls!