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birthday letter to Lucy

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Dear Lucy,  I am going to forever remember you at your one-year-old  birthday party patiently waiting with hands folded, hoping for your family to quiet down so your daddy could pray for our delicious dinner. You sat there quietly at the head of the table, like a little princes overseeing those-who-love-you-most sitting before you.


Happy Golden Birthday!


  • Of course I need to tell you that I love you so much and that I pray for you almost every day. You, my dear, have captured my heart and I can do nothing before lifting you up and thanking the master of the universe for creating the little wonder you are.
  • Jesus's eyes and heart are on you. You are not alone. You are not left to "figure it all out." He is continually moving toward you wooing you to himself. Keep your eyes open sweet one. He is with you.
  • Your dad is a treasure. He loves you with abandon and does so with you in mind. He comes home from work eager to see and play with you. You can trust him. He is ever eager to do things right and well and I see him giving you his pledge by his exuberant celebration of who you are.
  • Your mom is precious, a gentle one always reaching to you to comfort you and to encourage braveness. Eager to hug and kiss you she is also quiet and mindful of you so you can talk, play, and respond to your world. Her heart is so tender toward you.
  • And right now, as a little 12 month old, your job is to grow strong and healthy. Your job is to listen and learn everything you can. Your job is to be Lucy, fully and freely.
  • When I see some of your personality strengths (already?) I wonder what God has in mind as he formed you so uniquely:

Your love of people with a willingness to smile at a stranger.



Your eagerness to join in when you see other children.


The way you reach out your arms to greet people who are obviously wanting to interact with you -        welcoming them into your attention.


Your desire to please your mom and dad by saying please, thank you, mama, dada and more.


Your pleasantness, even when you are not feeling well, shows a kindness already present in your widening awareness.


  • I have to go back to the meaning of your name: Lucy Rosa, beautiful bringer-of-light. Your short 12 months have certainly shown much brightness. Keep shining. Keep growing. Pack your little life with the beauty of all that is good, kind, clean and refreshing...there is so much joy to be held in a heart so full of such wonder.


  Love you so much.