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Hello 2014!

Deane Watters3 Comments

The happy crew pictured below was at our house for the holidays. They came and went but on the average we hosted these 11 people around our table for 8 days. Aren't they lovely? We consumed a lot of food, played games, pieced a puzzle, watched a bit of football, kept an eye on the two dogs (not pictured), played with the little girls and laughed a lot. Thankfully they were real troopers when it came to helping in the kitchen so it wasn't too exhausting for me. They are a prime bunch of good folks. I'm here with my family to let you know I'm back to the world of blogging! For Christmas, Hannah & Greg gifted me with this new website so I could have a reliable place to blog and to encourage me to write again. I think about you, my reader, quite often and have been eager to get back and share my life with you. My situation has been pretty hectic since last fall, so January is my starting-over-month. I have much to share with you but will let this be enough for now.

Thank you for being a faithful reader. I plan to give you more to contemplate in the coming days/months. It feels great to be back all dressed up and in a new place. Kudos to Hannah for designing my logo in the header and helping me launch this new site. I love it!