Deane's Blog


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"I don't want to be famous or popular or known for anything other than I was a deep and wise and had a soul that was wildly beautiful, full of mercy and light."

- Jen Lemen

I am Deane, lover of all all things family, especially the part about being a grandma. I adore the sunrise, early morning walks, old houses, WORDS, antique furniture, deep talks over coffee, cooking and baking, the ministry of House of Hope, quilting, bananas, and most anything made with oatmeal (the ultimate comfort food).

This site exists to be an encouragement to women of all ages. Here you will find comforting, nurturing stories from the life I find myself living.

  • The teacher part of me wants you to know what I am learning about  journaling and writing.
  • Friends insist upon family updates, and the wife/mother/ grandma part of me is happy to oblige.
  • My very loved and rescued little-girl-within will open up to stories of healing.  God has given me a deeply spiritual heart that has much to say about the journey of knowing and being known by Him.
  • My ventures into photography, cherished books, recipes that find themselves worthy of being passed on, and any pondering currently on my mind will eventually show up here.

Like a hug after sharing life stories over a steaming cup of coffee and a warm oatmeal scone, I pray you will take a deep breath and find something to savor  as you navigate this safe place written with you in mind.