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Faith And A Foggy Morning

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On this spring morning, a fog has quietly slipped in and transformed my normal view. A ghostly grayness encloses everything and the tall dark trees stand quietly in contrast. The thick otherworldly mist clouds my reality while even the birds sound muffled and far away. I hear the lonely train whistle that offers an eerie quietness, not in a bad way, but like I’m being invited into a mystery. Perhaps there’s a secret wardrobe somewhere and if I happen upon it and step in, new possibilities await . Maybe there’s a secret gate into whatever is waiting for me. Wonder invites me to explore.

Naming Matters

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Good morning, dear readers!


I hope you are having a great day! I’ve experienced some excitement in the past couple of months and today I’m glad to be back to tell you about it. Read on if you’ve been wondering!

After being home alone for the month of February, while my husband paddled his way through wild river rapids on a fishing trip in Patagonia, it was my turn for adventures! The first escapade had me driving down the Ohio Turnpike (an 8-hour trip) to attend Refine {the retreat}, a unique getaway for writers and various artists. I found myself mesmerized by the experience, trying to take in all that was happening. I met many talented women whose hearts were on fire to express their gifting and to make space to meet with God. He did some gentle work in me in that remarkable place and I am still pondering its effect on me.

A few days after getting home from that amazing retreat, I boarded an airplane for my next adventure. This time I flew to Costa Rica to visit our son and his family who live there. They are working there with ECU in a ministry to college students.

Now, here I am, several days later, ready to write about parts of my wanderings. I’ll be drafting more over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back!

I flew to Costa Rica because our daughter-in-law was ready to give birth to their fourth child, our fifth grandchild! Hugging those darling little grandchildren was my first goal, but I was also there to stay with them when contractions became regular and it was time for their mom and dad to get to the hospital. Thankfully the timing was perfect and I arrived several days before the big event occurred.

She was born at 1:08 am on April 2nd. Since it was Costa Rica, and since there were no complications, they came home from the hospital that same afternoon. Joel walked into the house, handed me the baby, and said, “I’d like to introduce to you, Elsie Eve.” My eyes popped open and quickly filled with tears as I realized that they had named this little treasure after another precious gem, my mother, Eve Jane. Joel explained that Elsie means God is Abundant and Eve means life. Both of these held meaning for them, so when she was born, they took a look into that darling fresh face and it felt confirmed, her name would be Elsie Eve.

As I was reflecting on this, I couldn’t help but think about the importance of Naming. Throughout Elsie’s life, by knowing that God is Abundant, she will have a solid banner of truth to lift her eyes toward. I can imagine someday Joel and Rachel will tell Elsie how abundantly God has blessed their family by gifting them with her life. I have heard them tell Lucy what a light she is, and Charles, what a safe harbor he is, and Annie how much grace God has given them through her. By using their names, they are offering their children an identity, a place to find firm ground to guide and direct them.

In the Bible, God demonstrated the importance of Naming by often changing a person’s name to indicate an important reshaping in their role or to establish a new identity. In the same way, may we never forget that we also have been named.

We are called Beloved.

We are called Children of God.

We are called Adopted In and Part of the Family.

God is called Father and Jesus is called Immanuel, God with us.

Naming matters.

I will always treasure my time in Costa Rica with our cherished family. I am naming myself Blessed, Humbled, Delighted and “Lucky” to have been able to experience this spectacular event, one that is so monumental in the life and narrative of our family.

What are you naming yourself today? I pray it is Strong, Loved, and Beautiful.


Open The Door

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Have you chosen your word for this year? I’m a bit late but I’ve finally decided on mine. I’ll tell you all about it but first, let me open the door so you can peek into my life for the past month.

My husband is off adventuring with his brother and will be gone for twenty-seven days. It is highly unusual for us to be apart for so long! So to make sure I would not be too lonely, I invited people over. Some came for tea/ coffee and conversation. Others arrived in groups for meetings. In fact I just counted them up and I am amazed! During his absence, I will have opened the door of our house to fifty-four people! Granted, thirty-five of them came in response to my invitation to a women’s brunch. But still that is a lot of people!

In looking at these numbers, I am confirmed that the word I picked for 2019 is the very best one for me. In fact, it is the same as last year because I loved it so much and I feel it has more for me in the coming year. On one hand it refers to opening myself to people. On the other it refers to my relationship with God.


My word/phrase open the door.

Revelation 3:20 is a verse that has come to mean much to me. In it, Jesus says, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” (NIV)

Closing my eyes I realize Christ is right here with me and I sit silently leaning in and resting in His presence. He is the bread. I take Him in realizing His great love. He offers me His truth as I open His Word and listen for what He wants me to know. The time is sweet and I realize that I need no other nod, no other approval, no other yes. He has already given me everything I need to feel loved, accepted, and cherished. In turn I have love for others and especially for Him.

A few weeks ago, I came across an Instagram post from @gracelaced where she wrote about how her husband gets up early to spend time with God. As he is quietly reading his Bible and praying, one of their boys comes downstairs to join him. As her husband stands and fully embraces his son, @gracelaced realized that what he was doing is a picture of what it is to meet with the Lord each day.

She writes: “We meet with Him, go to the Word, linger in its pages, pour out our hearts to Him in praise and pleading…not to merely be more knowledgable…but to enter into our Father’s embrace of intimacy, freedom, trust, dependency - all of which we can’t know apart from KNOWING HIM and spending time with Him. Relationship will always be a greater motivator than ritual... God’s Word is a love letter and a hearty meal at your Father’s table…”


My early morning verse this year will be from Matthew 22. When asked which was the greatest commandment in the Law, Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself.” It is a commandment but I hear it as an invitation to the heart of God. He lets me love Him. He allows me to have something to give others. He has opened my eyes to how much He loves me and how I can love me too.

I believe my WORD, open the door, encompasses all three reminding me to open the door to love Jesus, other people, and myself. I plan to come to the table in His presence ready for talk-that-matters and to build relationships with others that are rich in conversation, honest and full of life.

I have friends and family who have told me their 2019 WORD, and I often pray for them using their word. Joel picked “rooted”, Hannah chose “freedom”, Kerstin is embracing “give” and my friend, Beth, wants to be “unhindered”. I love each of these words because I know the people and I love their desire to have a focus and to be free to follow Christ in the way in which He is calling them.

Do you have a WORD? What are you doing to keep it in front of you? Have you added a verse to help bind it to your daily practice? Here in mid-February, is your WORD already opening you up to more of what God has for you?

I’d love for you to type your WORD in the comments because, as you know, I’ll pray for you using that word, if you like.

True You, A Book Review

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What am I hiding from? Does God really see and know me? Does he love me? What does my busyness keep me from facing? What makes me scramble for affirmation? Who do I think I am? Who does God say I am? What is my true identity?

Have you ever considered such compelling questions? I have.

Author, Michelle DeRusha, explains in her book, True You, that in the midst of a quiet practice, she encountered a similar question that came softly from within.

“Why do you have trouble with intimacy?”

This question at first surprised her but then led her on a journey that enabled her to find her true self, not the one who showed up with her many lists of things to do. Being a type 3 Enneagram personality she described herself as an achiever, a performer, and a get-er-done kind of girl. Affirmation, attention, and admiration motivated her and she judged her day according to how much she got done. Her personality often got in the way of her relationship with God because he often became just another item to be to checked off her list. Realizing how intense activity drove her, she wrote that she “hadn’t offered my brain a Sabbath in years.”

So, by opening herself up to being quiet, she found that God took the opportunity to meet her, expose her, devastate her and then beautifully rescue her. She writes: “…I let God see me, to look upon me in my lowliness, brokenness, and despair, and in doing so, I began to see myself not as I always had, as a producer and a striver and an achiever, but in a new way, as a new creation. Ever so slowly … I began to see and know myself as beloved.”

Michelle uses a gardening technique called “pruning open” to illustrate how God got to the depths of her unbelief concerning His deep and true love for her. She writes, “The truth is, God does not wish for us to stand stubborn like the autumn oak tree, cloaked in a facade of protection, our truest, most authentic selves obscured beneath a tangled bramble of false security….God yearns for us to live wholeheartedly and truthfully as the unique, beautiful, beloved individuals he created us to be…God yearns for us to live in the spacious, light-filled freedom of Christ and to know ourselves through him, and with him.”

I enjoyed this book, so full of scripture, personal experience, quotes and references. Michelle even offers the reader the opportunity to consider, at the end of each chapter, questions that reflect on ideas presented in that section. She encourages us to sit for regular periods of directed rest so that these answers can come quietly.

I have read about the spiritual practice of silence many times, but have found myself unable to understand why to do it, how to do it, when to do it, how long to do it, etc. Michelle, through the sharing of her experience, gently led me to some answers. I am now starting my morning quiet time with a Psalm followed by a time of silence, opening the door and inviting God in before asking anything from him. I envision him standing and waiting as in Revelation 3:20. Look! I have been standing at the door, and am constantly knocking. If anyone hears me calling him and opens the door, I will come in and fellowship with him and he with me. (TLB)

I believe that to be fellowship of the sweetest kind!

This is a lovely book. I highly recommend that you take a look at it. You can find it at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

What about you? Have you developed a practice of quietly sitting with God, listening and waiting for him? If so, I’d love to read about it in the comments. Or if you have questions about the practice or the topic, I’d be honored to address them as well.