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Greenglass House

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What were your childhood Christmas Eves like?

Were they cosy and warm, perhaps around a fireplace? Did the lights on your tree twinkle softly as you anticipated the coming days? Did your mom bake goodies sending smells wafting from the kitchen full of hope and tradition? Can you just settle down in your mind and find yourself as a kid eager for the Christmas holiday, time away from school and days full of food, family and rest?

This is exactly the way twelve-year-old Milo Pine felt on the first day of his holiday vacation. It was going to be great, just him and his parents padding around in their old ramshackle inn, Greenglass House. But just as he was feeling comfortable, finishing up homework so there would be no responsibilities, the old iron bell rang, announcing the arrival of an unannounced guest...on the first day of HIS vacation!

Little did Milo know that there were more rather odd guests on their way, each with a strange story connected to something in Greenglass House.  Milo, resistant at first, soon got into the mystery that led him to more questions and answers than he ever dreamed possible.

With themes of mystery, adoption, story telling, smuggling, role playing, burglary, love, and a bit of magic, this Young Adult novel kept my attention and pushed me to discover the final solution. Sarah Hunter called this book an "enchanting, empowering and cozy read."

It is just the kind of book to open on a quiet Christmas Eve...

Oliver James

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Dear Oliver James,

Welcome, our precious, beautiful, wanted and loved little guy!

We prayed for your safe arrival.

And God said yes!

 Humbly relieved and incredibly thankful,

we study your face. There's your mom.

Looking again, we find your dad.

 Knit together by the hand of God,

in His image and for His glory...

and our delight and amazement!

The LORD is good and his love endures forever,

his faithfulness continues through all generations.

Psalm 100:5

Dwell...half way through

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Six months ago I chose DWELL as my focus word for 2017. I loved re-reading  my blog post  where I first wrote about my hopes for this year and for the power of this word. How about you? Did you pick a word?

  • Has your word slipped into a forgetful place?
  • Did you set up ways to keep your word in mind?
  • Have you found yourself making the changes you hoped for?

Well, it if you haven't thought about your word in a while, it surely is not too late. That's what I'm telling myself because it takes a ton of intentionality to keep a word in front for a whole year. How about you?

This might help:

Yesterday, while leafing through magazines at Barnes and Noble, I found an article in the current issue of  bella grace entitled, 10 Easy Ways to Add Hygge to your Life. Well, hygge is a friend's word for this year, so I was interested in reading it. After looking at the ten easy ways, I wondered if I could make up 10 easy ways to be a "dweller."

1 John 2:6 Those who say they live (dwell, abide)  in God should live their lives as Jesus did. (NLT)

That is no small order!

So here's my take on living as one who dwells with God.

  1. Rest in God alone. Listen to him and do what he tells you.
  2. Love the life you're living. Know that you are understood, loved, seen by the God Most High.
  3. Seek out and give full attention to the beauty in your current season.
  4. Know you are never alone and always safe with God as your Father.
  5. Show much kindness, always.
  6. Forgive quickly, don't hold on to offenses.
  7. Trust God's timing.
  8. Meet with God many times a day to talk with him about everything and everybody.
  9. Use words to bless others.
  10. Be intentional as you step toward people, not waiting for them to step toward you.
  11. Oh I thought of one more: Be GENEROUS - extravagant generosity is so Jesus!!

Did I call this ten EASY ways to be a dweller? From this point I feel there nothing easy about any of these. But I have a life time of learning and growing ahead of me, as always, trusting God to do for me what I cannot do for myself. I know that's what a life of faith is all about.

I had a little fun today with some of the 2017 words friends have given me. If you'd like me to do a little setting for you, just let me know your word in the comments. It was fun to play with these words and isn't rest/creativity part of healthy dwelling?

(I found this idea from the daily tourist, an Instagram friend.)

Have a wonderful day.

A Quilt for Charles

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What do bulldozers, fire engines, parades, bubble machines, picnics, airplanes, star war shirts, tulips, uncles from Minnesota, street sweepers and pofferjes have in common? You might say Tulip Time in Pella, but I would  differ from you and say all the fun on this list showed up to celebrate our grandson, Charles Chesley Watters who turned three last week. This photo would convince you that you are right - there is one who looks like a Dutch boy and the lovely flowers in the back ground are tulips! But that is only part of the story. Truly this is about a precious little three-year-old and all things boy.

Right now in Charles' life, right on top of his list of favorite things, is fire engines. He comes to alert as they fly by the house, sirens blaring,  lights flashing and in a huge hurry -  off to fight a fire or save a life. He yells, "Fire Truck!!" And we all run to the windows hoping to be quick enough to see the huge red truck, speeding by. So, for his birthday, his dad made him an amazing fire truck cake and his aunt gifted him with a fire fighters uniform. He was delighted.

(... those feet!!!)

Now that he is three and out of his crib, Charles is ready for a big-boy quilt for his big-boy bed.

So Grandma put one together. Of course, you knew I would.


Happy Birthday, dear Charles Chesley Watters. Manga and Grandpa love you and will forever be your loudest cheerleaders, right after your dear parents. You show such kind care for your sisters and I'll never forget how you danced and kept beat to the thunderous drums as bands marched by during the night parade. You found a real pilot at the Airport pancake breakfast and talked to him and even found his plane! You let your sisters wear your new Paw Patrol socks and shared your firefighters uniform with Lucy. You are a precious sweet boy and I love you to pieces. I hope all the adventures you will encounter in the coming year will fascinate and empower you to be the strong safe harbor you are showing yourself to be. God created you with a gentle spirit and he loves you deeply. I'm so glad He picked YOU to be our grandson.

Happy birthday, big boy.

...we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD,

his power and the wonders he has done.

(Psalm 78:4)